London helicopter tours

Experience a unique London helicopter tour with One Private Charter. Using one of our many different helicopters available for charter from any London heliport, you will experience an amazing helicopter flight experience over London city ensuring you have a spectacular bird's eye view of all the wonderful landmarks of the beautiful city of London.

Our London helicopter tours depart regularly from several convenient locations surrounding the city, so you can choose the most suitable to your location. We fly from regular airfields such as Redhill airfield, Elstree aerodrome, Denham airfield, Rochester airfield and of course the cities London Battersea Helipad. All our helicopters are state-of-the-art and comply with all the latest Civil Aviation guidelines and safety checks.

Book a helicopter tour today around London for your family and friends or corporate clients. We can operate and fly the many different popular helicopter paths such as the River Thames trip, a superb helicopter flight with aerial views such as the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, St Paul's Cathedral, the London Eye, the Tower of London, London Kew Gardens, the Cutty Sark, London Tower Bridge, and as far as the Thames Barrier. A popular trip now includes helicopter flights over the Olympic Stadium.  Our Helicopter tours are available with very short notice and our helicopter specialists are on hand 24/7 to help with any requirement you may have.

We only provide exclusive London helicopter tours, so you purchase the whole helicopter allowing you to sit where you want and most importantly with the people you want- instead of hoping for that window seat and hoping the people on the helicopter with you are the ideal passengers - be selective, fly from the selective locations and enjoy the complete personal helicopter flight package. Fly on your schedule from where ever is most convenient to you, we will even pick you up from you back garden if there are no restrictions.

One Private Charters London Helicopter Tours are available 365 days a year from all types of budgets. Most commonly the price is affected by the location of pick up and arrival (if different to pick up) and the number of passengers travelling. We can arrange any kind of catering including Champagne if required to suit your budget. Just advise us of the time and location you would like us to be and that’s it!

*Prices start from just £195 per person for a 40 minute helicopter flight over London. Contact us today for full details and restrictions.

If you have any questions or would like to speak directly to one of our charter specialists please feel free to contact us.

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